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Boxing Rock Brewing Co | Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Small • Independent • (un)traditional


Crafty Jack

English Ale

Rich, roasty, and bold, yet surprisingly light on the palate this English Brown Ale will surprise you.
Mellow carbonation and traditional English ingredients give this London style ale authenticity.
Some call it a taste of London. We call it delicious.


Red Ale

Full bodied and rich, Temptation Red Ale is a sultry jazz singer in your glass. Continuously hopped during the brew and dry hopped after fermentation with a single hop, this beer has a uniquely full flavour profile.

The Vicar's Cross

Double IPA

British soldiers stationed in India receiving their daily beer ration would never have expected this. The Vicar’s Cross has all the bitterness a double IPA demands, yet it is remarkably smooth and well balanced.

Hunky Dory

Pale Ale

A bright, crisp and refreshing pale ale that reminds you of a South Shore summer’s day. Made with citrus zest and green tea to complement a floral and fruity hop blend, Hunky Dory is a favourite among discerning women and confident men.