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Home Draught Gift Set

Published by henry on Tue, 11/10/2015 - 08:20

Introducing our latest cool item for the craft beer lover who has everything.

Our tabletop draught beer dispensing system is a CO2 driven pressurized device that replaces the cap of a standard 64 oz growler.
It will deliver fresh draught beer via a small tap, and because it uses CO2 to dispense the beer, your beer will taste better, won't go flat, and will stay fresher longer.

It uses a standard food grade 16 gram CO2 canister available at many retail stores, and has a built in safety pressure relief valve so you won't accidentally over pressurize your growler.

Available now at our brewery retail store in the form of a gift set:

- One 64 oz growler of your favourite beer (choose between Hunky Dory Pale Ale, Temptation Red Ale, or Crafty Jack English Ale)
- Tabletop draught dispenser and one CO2 cartridge
- Two branded 16 oz Boxing Rock shaker glasses
- A nicely packaged gift box for the whole affair.

Only $99 plus HST, while supplies last.

Available at the brewery retail store, and (by special order) on Saturdays only at our stalls at the Halifax Seaport Market, and the Alderney Farmer's Market.