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Wild Axe!

Published by henry on Thu, 02/05/2015 - 10:34

We're thinking of summer. When most people think of summer, they conjure images in their heads of boating, fishing, beach vacations, camping, and swimming.

We think of Lumberjacks. Woods-men and women.

We dream about underhand block chop, crosscut, single buck, double buck, hot saw, logrolling, axe throw, 90 foot speed climb.

You too can sign up to be a lumberjack for a day. Ever heard of Darren Hudson? You should. He's a six time world log-rolling champion.

And this summer, Boxing Rock is teaming up with Darren to present the Wild Axe Challenge. Check it out. You'll be glad you did.

And what better refreshment and rejuvenation after a day of Lumberjack activity than a great Pilsener?

Wild Axe Bohemian Pilsener (5.7% ABV): Made with our local lumberjacks in mind, this is a traditional bohemian pilsener, brewed exclusively with Saaz hops and fermented long and aged cold for a perfect pilsener taste.
Make no mistake, this is no milquetoast beer. This is a big beer, bold and refreshing, the perfect accompaniment to axe throwing, log rolling or just generally being outside in the woods.