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Boxing Rock Brewing Co | Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Small • Independent • (un)traditional

The Brewers

We think of ourselves as “Beer Engineers.” Trained as engineers, we love beer for the challenge of designing a good one as much as for the pleasure of drinking it. That’s why we got into brewing in the first place. To us, brewing is a test of wits, innovation and technology and the practice of an age-old craft steeped in tradition and folklore.

And because we’re both engineers and craftspeople, proudly offering you our inventions/creations, we thought you might like to know who’s behind that complex, delicious craft beer in your hand.


Henry is a Chemical Engineer trained at Humber College and the University of Toronto. Before moving with his family to Shelburne, he worked as a professional engineer and manager at an automotive manufacturing company, chemical manufacturing and other mechanical companies. He’s also a successful competitive sailor. His family’s connection to the Tiptons drew him to Shelburne from the Big Smoke several years back with the dream of founding a craft brewery. Toronto’s Westwood Sailing Club presented him with their Spirit of Westwood Award for 2012 as he and his wife Amanda and their two children departed for Shelburne – club members toasted the couple with, what else, glasses of craft beer.


Emily is an experienced engineer and business development manager trained at the University of Alberta. She worked in Canada and Britain before moving to Shelburne where she now lives with her husband Guy, and their two children. Emily is a very active community member. She’s one of the key people behind the community’s sustainable development plan, the establishment of a community run renewable energy program, a program called Growth Starts Here to address community development in a brand new way. She has served on several local boards, including the Osprey Arts Centre.