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Adam Goes “Local”

As we move into a much needed Labour day weekend here at Boxing Rock Brewing Co. I want to take a few minutes to reflect on some of the local summer events we’ve had.

This was my third summer at Boxing Rock Brewing Co, and although the last two were great, this one was the best yet. We’ve seen a lot of big changes both in the Nova Scotia craft beer industry and in our own brewery.

At the beginning of summer we had a mandate to focus more on our retail space in Shelburne. This began a steam rolling process of tremendous local focus that has left me extremely satisfied and proud of the place I call home.

The most recent local involvement we took on was the Woolsock Music Festival, put on by Wild Axe Productions in town of Barrington. This was the second year Boxing Rock was involved, but it was a little self-serving this year, as my band was playing during the fest (nothing like using the work van to lug band gear and beer!). Local events like this are always super fun, but to be able to combine my personal interests with work, all while helping make an event even more awesome is simply cool!

An earlier local event we had the opportunity to be involved in was the Shelburne Tall Ships Rendezvous. This took place on Aug 15th; a beer and fish chowder tasting paired together drew out more people in the town than I’ve seen in a while! It’s quite a feeling to know you’re a part of something that’s bringing some degree of life back into your area. This really rang true for me at this particular event.

Shelburne’s Osprey Arts Centre put on another local event we were involved in. Their Songs at Sea Level is an annual two-day music extravaganza celebrating local music (there’s a trend here…) The organizers strategically paired various styles of our beer with the many acts on stage, and it went exceptionally well!

It was after the success of Songs at Sea Level that really had me thinking about how a little goes a long way, especially when it comes to giving back to your local community. I’ve always thought this was cliché, but it turns out it’s not at all! I’m very pleased to be involved in a company and industry that has such a natural ability to keep this local focus going; and I intend to keep it going as well!

I could ramble on about this forever, but I’ll leave it there. If you want to keep this dialogue going, shoot me an email adam@boxingrock.ca or write me letter!

Stay local, friends.


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