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April, May, Juniper!

Welcome to Nova Scotia Craft Beer Week!

Stillwell Beer Bar asked us to brew a terrific beer to enter into the Stillwell Open, but we had to keep it top secret and under wraps. So we partnered up with our friends at Lunn’s Mill Beer Company in Lawrencetown and decided to make something different.

We like saisons, but lots of people make saisons. However, why not try a Juniper Saison? Juniper berries are one of the primary botanicals in every great gin, and they have an awesome aromatic profile that pairs pretty well with our favourite French Saison yeast.

So April, May, Juniper was brewed, and we stuck it into the Stillwell Open and won the category with it!

You’ll be able to see what all the fuss was about at Stillwell while supplies last, as well as in bottles at Bishop’s Cellar, Rockhead Wine and Beer Market, Harvest Wines and Cristall Wine Merchants. You’ll be able to get it in growlers at our stalls at the Halifax Seaport Market and Alderney Farmers Market on Saturdays.

And now that we’re open seven days a week, stop by any time and buy a few at our brewery retail store in beautiful Shelburne!

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