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BEER & FOOD – December 12 – Wood Stoves and Beer; a perfect pairing!

As the time changes and it gets dark so early, the first storm of the winter season is always the hardest.
There’s beer to keep us comfort; beers that are like pulling out your winter clothes once again and finding that beloved wickedly warm and cozy sweater you’ve forgotten all about during the warmer months. There’s beer to really help weather the storm so to say. Yes, these beers tend to be dark, deep, rich and often even decadent, but sometimes that’s just what you need as you light the first fire in the woodstove, or come in from splitting yet another cord of wood. Our new Baltic Porter, Tantoaster is just the beer! A REAL tan toaster’s comin’ up the coast as the oldtimers say on nearby Cape Sable Island when a wicked storm is brewing. Well when the tan toaster of tan toaster’s (by the name of Dorian) blew through Nova Scotia this past September we brewed up what we consider one wicked Baltic Porter.


Full of dark chocolate malt, spicy pine Magnum hops, this 7.5%ABV Porter is a balanced, smooth and
pairs well with a pair of boots, a perfect tan toaster of a storm, a blazing fire in the fireplace, and
anything cooked on the woodstove (because the power’s probably out but you’ve got Baltic Porter
and plenty of cans in the pantry so it’s all good). In the spirit of cooking on a wood stove, here’s a link to a few recipes to try!

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