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BEER AND BURGERS!!! Need we same more?!

After this winter, these balmy +5 sunny days are getting us itching for some delicious BBQ’d burgers AND it’s Burger Week in Halifax, so here’s are top 4 beer and burger combos featuring our delicious brews found at the brewery in Shelburne and at our Bottle Shop inside the Local Source Market at 2530 Agricola Street (and yes you can buy the beer AND all of the stuff you need for your burger BBQ there!) #onestopshopping!

Hunky Dory & the Spicy Burger With No Name

Hunky Dory Pale Ale’s super citrusy (TONS of lemon and orange zest goes into this brew) is the perfect contrast to a super spicy jalapeno burger (or if you’re feeling really adventurous a thai-spicy burger). Slap a slice of jalapeno cheese on it and the beer will be the PERFECT refreshing thirst quencher at your next burger BBQ!

Temptation Red Ale & Blue cheese and apple burger

Not every beer can stand up to the delicious strength of a good blue cheese, but Temptation Red Ale is definitely up to the task! It’s so well balanced and offers a nice rich complement to the blue cheese burger with smokiness, a touch of earthiness and roasted malt. The sweet caramel that lingers on the tongue from the beer is a fun contrast to the tart green apple slice (even through some apple slices in a nice arugula salad as another great companion to this beer and the burger). The upfront citrus bitterness from the hops cuts through the strong blue cheese perfectly so both beer and burger can shine.

Dark as Keji Black IPA and Cheddar, bacon and honey BBQ burger

Again with the smokiness. A really good burger should be charcoaled grilled and really smoky and this beer is a delicious smoky, and interestingly complex, yet fun pair with a rich cheesy, bacon topped honey sauced burger. There’s a lot going on here, but if you want to have bacon, rich cheese and sweet honey on your burger you’re gonna need a beer that can keep up; offering a nice cut of bitterness and refreshing aftertaste.

The Black IPA lemon bitterness up front is a great contrast to the sweet honey sauce and the salty bacon and oh so refreshing! A nice American Pale Ale could do the trick as well, or even a NEIPA.

Patricius Irish Stout and Mushroom, brie burger

A stout may be a surprising pair to a burger, but when you’ve got nice earthy mushrooms and rich nutty brie on top it’s a truly great companion. Patricius is slightly nutty (perfect with the brie), slightly earthy (perfect with the mushrooms), and slightly roasted (perfect with the bun). The coffee notes in the beer serve to accentuate the mushrooms, so don’t be scared to throw on lots, or use stronger shrooms like a portabella or shitake. Throw some nice spicy fresh arugula on top to add some colour and it is a perfect pair with the clove spiciness in the beer. If putting brie on a burger make sure it’s not too much as rich cheese like brie can easily overpower the burger and the beer. The richness of both the beer and the burger are a fantastic finisher; everyone’s favourite burger-dessert!











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