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BEER & FOOD – Colour is only sometimes a flavour – December 1

Our senses are wonderful things; it’s often said that if you lose one sense, your others may become heightened. We love what our nose, eyes, and tongue can do to help us experience beer; however sometimes they can lead us astray. In our new legendary taproom (haven’t visited yet? Come soon! We have fun events every week and of course delicious beer and food!) we often get the response “oh I don’t like dark beer” or the flip “oh I only like dark beer.” We LOVE to turn these people’s opinions upside down sometimes and offer them a sip of our Dark As Keji only if they close their eyes first, and they don’t know what they are drinking (getting a much higher presence of traditional IPA citrus bitterness than they normally would with their eyes open). For late fall we decided to take this to the next level, and along with our 2019 Black Box Challenge winner, we brewed a Schwarzbier (a black lager)called Hello Darkness and love getting people blindfolded and trying this one next to our Wild Axe Bohemian Pilsner; it’s a great party trick. We also brewed a WHITE stout (wait, what, a WHITE stout?!) called Inverse, which has tons of vanilla, chocolate and coffee flavours but is very pale golden; totally throws people off!  Another fun party trick!

These “Colour is only sometimes a flavour” beers make super fun food pairings, which can highlight the “non-colour” characteristics of these interesting late fall beers.

Hello Darkness Schwarzbier with our taproom’s Conquista Salad (to get the real thing you have to come to Shelburne, but here’s one to try at home); This hearty salad with its diverse flavours and textures is well balanced by the soft bitterness and crisp smooth mouthfeel of our dark lager.

Inverse White Stout with a dark chocolate cake, or even this great stout gingerbread cake that we pull out every year.

Dark as Keji Black IPA with our taproom’s (or your own) Charcuterie Board (cheeses, meats, nuts, chutney, crostini); this is such a versatile beer; doing it all, complementing and contrasting with all the delicious offerings. Find your favourite!

Cheers to our senses and blindfolds!  Colour is not a flavour!

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