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BEER & FOOD – October 28, 2019 – The humble cranberry 3 for 1!!

CRANTASTIC!!! It is cranberry season and that makes us super excited to celebrate this humble, wild, super fun and surprisingly versatile tiny fruit!

Not only does this little, wild berry provide so much flavour, colour and complexity to our Over The Top! Cranberry Sour Mash Wheat Ale, it offers so many opportunities for great beer and food pairing! Whether you want to cut, complement or contrast the cranberry (and our delightful Over The Top) can do it all! Talk about versatile. Here’s a 3 great recipes that celebrate our tart little friend and go way beyond the traditional cranberry sauce! We love locally grown Terra Beata cranberries (what we use in our Over The Top), but occasionally since we live on the ocean we have the opportunity to find them in our own backyards.  Cheers to this tiny tart treat!


Found at our legendary tap room in Shelburne you can get this delicious salad and pair it perfectly with Over The Top (or our homemade Shandy – 50% Over the Top and 50% handsqueezed, homemade lemonade).

recipe link: https://cookieandkate.com/mega-crunchy-romaine-salad-recipe/





Try it with cheese! Foxhill Cheesehouse makes a perfect cheddar sprinkled with dried cranberries. Try the cheese with Over the Top and wheat crackers, or better yet, put a few slices of the cheese between a nice thick sourdough and grill it up; it makes an AMAZING grilled cheese sandwich!



And finally for dessert! Our great friends at White Point have this incredible cranberry chocolate bark they make and during Keji’s Savour the Trail this year we got paired up with them at a table and got to sample! Lucky! A slight variation, we use white chocolate instead of dark chocolate (the white chocolate is a better pairing with Over the Top, but the dark chocolate works perfect with Dark as Keji), and dried cranberries from Terra Beata, throw in some pistachios and you’ve got a fun, rich dessert and beer pairing!  Recipe link: https://culinaryginger.com/white-chocolate-cranberry-pistachio-bark/

Also…this weekend if you want to help celebrate the cranberry and all of it’s deliciousness check out this great event at White Point: https://www.whitepoint.com/events/cranberry-festival-at-white-point/

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