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BEER & FOOD – The DARK beers of winter and their wicked food pairings

Winter is here by all accounts and well, really, it’s just the very beginning, so we have a bunch of great “dark beers of winter” and food pairing suggestions to keep you eating and drinking in style.   Lucky for you we have a ton of delicious dark winter beers! And yes, two of them are suggestions to actually clear all the snow off and dig out your BBQ, because winter BBQ’ing is so rewarding and BBQ’d burgers and beer taste oh so good after a wicked day of shovelling!


Patricius Irish Stout & Mushroom Brie Burger

Dark as Keji Black IPA & Cheddar Bacon Burger

Tan Toaster Baltic Porter and Wood stove brownies

Hello Darkness Black Lager and Pork and Beer Stew

Inverse White Stout and Orange Chocolate Truffles


Patricius Irish Stout and Mushroom Brie Burger

A stout may be a surprising pair to a burger, but when you’ve got nice earthy mushrooms and rich nutty brie on top it’s a truly great companion. Patricius is slightly nutty (perfect with the brie), slightly earthy (perfect with the mushrooms), and slightly roasted (perfect with the bun). The coffee notes in the beer serve to accentuate the mushrooms, so don’t be scared to throw on lots, or use stronger shrooms like a portabella or shitake. Throw some nice spicy fresh arugula on top to add some colour and it is a perfect pair with the clove spiciness in the beer. If putting brie on a burger make sure it’s not too much as rich cheese like brie can easily overpower the burger and the beer. The richness of both the beer and the burger are a fantastic finisher; everyone’s favourite burger-dessert!


Dark as Keji Black IPA and Cheddar, bacon and honey BBQ burger

Again with the smokiness. A really good burger should be charcoaled grilled and really smoky and this beer is a delicious smoky, and interestingly complex, yet fun pair with a rich cheesy, bacon topped honey sauced burger. There’s a lot going on here, but if you want to have bacon, rich cheese and sweet honey on your burger you’re gonna need a beer that can keep up; offering a nice cut of bitterness and refreshing aftertaste. The Black IPA lemon bitterness up front is a great contrast to the sweet honey sauce and the salty bacon and oh so refreshing!

Hello Darkness Black Lager and Pork and beer Stew

A Dark Lager is the perfect cooking (and of course drinking) beer.  This hearty salty, stew with pork is a great contrast to the coffee and spicy flavours found in the beer.  Hello Darkness will please both the “light and dark” beer drinkers in your life, so this is great beer and food pairing for a big old friend and family gathering.  Fun tip:  try adding a little of the beer as the liquid in your homemade bread recipe; it’s amazing!

Inverse White Stout and Orange Chocolate Truffles

There is so much amazing chocolate and orange flavours in this White Stout it is super fun to pair it with a fancy orange chocolate truffle you can make at home!

Tan Toaster Baltic Porter and Wood Stove Brownies

So for that day when you really can’t get your BBQ cleared off and there is a wicked Tan Toaster of a storm outside try this great recipe for Wood Stove brownies! 

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