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Beer & wood stoves – PART 2


The second storm hits, just as 2020 makes it’s debut, so it’s time for more Tan Toaster and more wood stove cooking!
A REAL tan toaster’s comin’ up the coast as the oldtimers say on nearby Cape Sable Island when a wicked storm is brewing. Well when the tan toaster of tan toaster’s (by the name of Dorian) blew through Nova Scotia this past September we brewed up what we consider one wicked Baltic Porter, and we dug it out again during the first storm of 2020 and put a cast iron pan of deliciousness (sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, halibut cheeks, spinach, green onion with a splash of Tan Toaster) on the wood stove.  The richness of the beer paired perfectly with the sweet potatoes and contrasted nicely with the halibut cheeks, bringing out a delightful sweetness.  It’s the perfect stormy early evening feast with a great group of friends, old folk on the record player, and a 6 pack of Tan Toaster!

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