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Christmas Cheers to North End Blue Collar Pale Ale!

We have a lot of fun in our test kitchen in the North end of Halifax and we’ve loved being welcomed to the neighbourhood by all of our great neighbours and new friends.  Recently we were asked by neighbours and friends at Hopyard to brew a beer for a great local event they were having just in time for the holidays along with Blue Collar Barbershop in support of the local YMCA.  We were delighted to be asked and had a great brew day concocting Blue Collar Pale Ale; which will be launched at the Christmas Cheers to North End Beers event at Hopyard this Saturday, December 15th from 7-10pm at Hopyard!

As with all our collaboration test kitchen brew days we had fun chatting and interviewing the folks that came along to help out!


Brew day with our friends from Hopyard!


What do you do at Hopyard?

BRETT – Co-owner. Semi-retired. Professional avocado tosser. Jokes. A little bit of everything. Payroll, HR, marketing, President of the party planning committee.

JANE – Corporate Chef is the official title. Menu development.  Food, laughing, Instagram, a lot of love!

THOMAS – The Idea guy. Sous chef is my title. Bring positive vibes and good ideas, and good names.


What’s your desert island beer?

BRETT – Barnone Milk Stout

JANE – Bellwoods Jelly King

THOMAS – Bellwoods Neopolitan Milkshake


What do you do on your days off?

BRETT – I play a lot of sports, hockey, indoor soccer, golf in the summer. I go and drink and eat at other restaurants.

JANE – I usually cook and have a dinner party. Have some cocktails.

THOMAS – Sports, depending on season. Golf. Fantasy hockey. Brewing. Moosehead games.


If you could have one super power what would it be?

BRETT – To be able to chug a beer quicker. I always lose. I have met people that this is a super power for.

JANE – This is nerdy. Time traveller. All over the map. Magic carpet and a special suit.

THOMAS – Teleportation.


Ocean or Forest?

BRETT – Ocean. I could never not live by the ocean. It’s a necessity now.

JANE – Forest. There could be a stream, so I could get my water. I want to make a tree house. And there’s fairies.

THOMAS – Ocean; it’s prettier to look at.


Cheers to a great partnership and a great event!  Stop by Hopyard on the 15th to sample the delicious Blue Collar Pale Ale all in support of a great cause!


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