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COVID-19 – How to get your Boxing Rock beer!

As of today, Nova Scotia declared a state of emergency.  We want to do everything we can to keep our staff and our customers safe in this situation, while still getting your beer to you. We appreciate your business, it is going to be a tough road through this and every little bit counts.  Here are the options, pick the best one for you: Home Delivery, Patio Pickup, Social Distancing Retail.

OPTION 1 – Home Delivery: If you are staying home, good on you. We will deliver beer orders over $50 right to your door.  Our staff will wear gloves to pack and deliver the order and will leave it on your doorstep. ID checks will happen through the window.  We will call or text when we are on our way.  If there are explicit times you DO NOT want deliveries or are unavailable please add this as a note to your order.  We will deliver daily in Shelburne County and Halifax/Dartmouth, and twice weekly between Shelburne and Halifax.  You will be advised of your delivery time when your order is placed.  Visit shop.boxingrock.ca or call us between 11 am and 7 pm at 902-875-2282 to order now.

OPTION 2 – Patio Pickup: If you phone our Retail Store at 902-875-2282 daily between 11 am and 7 pm, you can arrange a Patio Pickup.  You can let us know your order and pay by credit card over the phone (no minimum order).  We will pack your order wearing gloves and leave it on the patio at 218 Water Street in Shelburne with your name on it at an agreed time.  We’ll meet you at the front door at the appointed time, without opening it, to check your ID through the glass.

OPTION 3 – Social Distancing Retail:  If you want to stop in the Retail Store at 218 Water Street in Shelburne, we are open daily from 12 – 5 pm but we will be respecting the Social Distancing guidelines for retail.  No more than 5 people will be permitted in the Retail Store at any time, and we ask that you keep the required minimum 2 m (6 ft) distance from our staff and one another.

We’ll be back soon with some fun activities to help us stay connected with each other and our passion for craft beer once we get a few other things sorted out!




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