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Introducing U-889 Russian Imperial Stout

May 8, 1945 was a good day for Kapitänleutnant Friedrich Brauecker. He had just received communications from U-Waffe Command that Germany had surrendered to the Allied Forces and that the war was over. Communications reception was extremely poor in his area and the command to cease hostilities wasn’t properly received for two days. He had just spent the past 21 hours submerged due to U-889 having been radio-located by the allies. All U-Boats were to return to the U-Boat base in Norway, said the communication from the Directorate.

But Kptlt. Brauecker was somewhere in the North Atlantic on patrol at the time. Norway was days away at 6.5 knots cruising speed at surface and just one knot of speed submerged. What to do now?

Wisely, Kptlt. Brauecker headed for Canada. He must have heard that the Canadian people were friendly on the east coast. So on May 10, U-889 surfaced off the coast of Cape Breton, surrendered to a Canadian Navy Frigate and was escorted to Shelburne, Nova Scotia and tied up at the Government Wharf.

The official reports mentioned that no resistance was given by the men aboard U-889, and that all men aboard were in good spirits. Apparently, they had been drinking on their cruise into Shelburne Harbour. And why not. There was lots to celebrate. Clearly they were happy that the war was over.

Legend has it that when they were searched some men aboard had in their pockets Canadian money and movie stubs from a local theatre. Pretty sneaky, that Friedrich Brauecker. He knew where he wanted to surrender. He’d obviously been ashore before.

Well Friedrich, you did the right thing in the end. What better way to celebrate than with a beer?

Introducing U-889 Russian Imperial Stout.

Strong. Dark. Bracing. Just as we think the submariners aboard U-889 would have liked it.

This Russian Imperial Stout is brewed with passion. We used over six hundred kilos of malt to brew it. We then boiled it for two hours to bring out the rich flavours demanded of the style and hopped it with just enough smooth bitterness to balance it’s richness. We then added some strong coffee from our friends at Just-Us!, and then we infused it with plump Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans for over two weeks.

Tasting notes: rich malt, chocolate, caramel, roasted grain, coffee, vanilla. Initial bitterness followed by a long smooth finish. It’s like a dessert in a glass.

Ideal serving temperature: 10°C – 12°C Lightly carbonated. 8.89% ABV 65 IBU

U-889 Coffee and Vanilla Russian Imperial Stout – Now you can have your cake and drink it too.

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