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Kilnus Interruptus

When our friends at Horton Ridge Malt called us and told us they had a batch of Certified Organic malt that hadn’t turned out according to plan due to a power interruption we jumped at the chance to brew a unique and special beer with it. They called it “Kilnus Interruptus” which we immediately co-opted as the perfect beer name for this malt.

We called on our favourite hop supplier Clear Valley Hops and they provided us with a few bags of special hops. Crystal hops grown in Southern Ontario with a fantastic delicate aroma of orange, tangerine, and peach, and a wild Ontario cultivar they dubbed “Wild Turkey”. This wild hop, seemingly indestructible, and prolific, has a smooth bittering profile with a beautiful herbal and floral, spring blossom nose that complements the fruity aromas of the Crystal hops perfectly.

This hoppy goodness is laid atop a base of delicious biscuity bready pale malt reminiscent of the best pilsener malts but with its own homegrown character.

The result is a beer of exceptionally rare character in the American Pale Ale style. Only one batch is available.

We think that the malt kiln should break down more often…

Kilnus Interruptus is available on tap at select bars and restaurants in Halifax for a very limited time only. It will be available in bottles at Rockhead Beer and Wine Market, Bishop’s Cellar, Harvest Wines and Cristall Wine Merchants.
It will also be available in growlers at our stalls at the Halifax Seaport Market and Alderney Farmers Market on Saturdays.

Of course you can also pick some up at our brewery retail store in Shelburne.

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