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La Rive du Sud – Biere de Garde 2.0

La Rive du Sud is a Bière de Garde that is unlike any other beer brewed in Atlantic Canada.

We’ve brewed La Rive du Sud a little differently this year, and we think that it’s the best Bière de Garde we’ve made yet.

Bière de Garde is a style that originated in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of Flanders. In the days before refrigeration it was not practical to brew beer in the summer months, because the hot weather was not favourable for fermentation. So the brewers of the region made strong beer and stored it in underground cellars for consumption during the summer.

Originally a farmhouse style, made at home, it was adopted by a few northern breweries and was nearly lost as a style because the few breweries that made it were destroyed during the two world wars, their tanks taken and melted down for the manufacture of weapons.

Even today if you take a trip to the Nord-Pas-de-Calais area, you’ll likely be bombarded by Eurotrash lagers and Belgian yellow fizz rather than a proper Bière de Garde, but if you persist, you’ll find a few examples.

Fortunately if you live in Nova Scotia, you can enjoy one right now.

We’re proud to produce this once noble beer, and are doubly proud to have made Nova Scotia’s very first Bière de Garde.

Made with simple base malts and dark caramelized sugar this simple combination of ingredients yields an ale of noteworthy complexity. With notes of biscuit, caramel, toffee, as well as tangerine, biscuit, and a chewy malt base that is at once mouth filling and refreshing.

We lagered (well, guarded, actually) this ale for weeks until it was perfect.

It’s remarkably smooth on the palate and although it has a medium-dry finish, it has a lingering pleasant aftertaste that can only be described as “French”.

7.5% ABV.

Get it while it lasts in 650 ml bottles, 1L growlers and on tap at select locations.

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