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Likely your favourite lobster and beer experience involves sunshine, maybe a beach, most likely the ocean, and a crisp, clean, resfreshing lager. Which is of course, a quintessential Nova Scotian lobster experience for many that visit our beautiful province in teh summer, however, the locals will be the first to tell you, the summer’s not the best time to experience lobster, because well, it’s not lobster season! Our season, running a lengthy 5 months (end of November – end of May), is right now, in the cold, snowy winter, which means there’s a whole other way to experience lobster and beer DURING the season! Lucky for us, we’ve got a whole month long festival Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl that celebrates our favourite ocean delicacy right now with events happening all along the South Shore. Even, at our very own legendary tap room we have lobster dip and beer specials and a super fun (and FREE) lobster and beer tasting (Feb 20th – check out our facebook for more details; it will definitely be worth the trip to Shelburne!). While everyone has their own favourite beer to go with delicious Nova Scotia lobster, here’s a few “outside the box” suggestions, and of course, my own favourite; Hunky Dory Pale Ale!


Hunky Dory Pale Ale
A personal favourite, because of the amazing amount of citrus (lemon and orange peel right in the beer, not to mention the citrusy hops!) that livens the lobster (you don’t need to waste a lemon when you have the beer to do it for you!), offering a super crisp, yet dry finish. Hunky Dory also contrasts really nicely to the salty butter (highly recommended to also add a little fresh garlic) you likely will dip your boiled lobster in!

Common Sense California Common
A new beer and a new beer style; this crisp, slightly spicy (think mint and pine) is a nice companion to lobster anyway you can find it, but especially good with a traditional Nova Scotian lobster roll. The malty backbone of the beer complements the bready roll, and the quick, dry finish of the beer doesn’t overpower the richness of the lobster. There’s a slight lemon edge to the beer, which means no lemon squeeze needed; just another beer to wash it down with!

Three Sheets Cream Ale
This creamy, soft, bready ale is refreshing and offers a slightly sweet complement bringing out the delicious sweetness of our rich lobsters. It’s smooth, mild and light, so it doesn’t overpower the lobster, and is perfect with lobster poutine!

We love Nova Scotian lobster, and we really love Nova Scotian craft beer; what’s your favourite lobster and beer combo for a super Nova Scotia lobster-beer experience?

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