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More Fine as Kind…

All along our ocean shores here in South West NS you’ll often hear on any wharf or street corner the locals yarning a tale or two with a “finest kind” in response to almost anything that’s said. It so often rolls off the tongue of many that they don’t even know they are saying it; it’s just part of the innate language of our communities. It sometimes comes out as “Fine as Kind”, and sometimes “best kind”, but most often as “finest kind”. When asked what it means most people say “well… it means finest kind, how else can you explain it?” I’ve heard it said in response to any question, even questions that definitely warranted more of an answer or explanation. I’ve heard it said in reference to a nice day, a nice meal, a nice-looking girl. I’ve heard it mumbled all by itself; not really in relation to anything at all, just simply, “finest kind.” Here on the south shore (and at Boxing Rock) we really believe in the finest kind: The finest kind of people, the finest kind of place, the finest kind of beer, and of course the finest kind of food! This summer we were happy to welcome the addition of Finest Kind Food; a fantastic tiny-kitchen on wheels that specialized in using our spent grain for their delicious pizzas, tortillas, soft pretzels, bread, energy balls, and even cornbread (stay tuned for a special spent grain recipe-themed blog post soon)! It was a great collaboration hosting events, Finest Fridays (our finest version of TGIF happy hour), and dreaming up and creating amazing beer-food pairings and dishes (the Dark as Keji beer burgers with Three Sheets spicy beer mustard were a huge hit!). Although the season has just ended for Finest Kind Food, there will be some exciting collaborations in the future; including our best version of Oktoberfest (mark your calendars for Sat, Oct. 14th), special beer and food pairing events, and more. Finest Kind Food welcomes off-season bread orders (and also sells their amazing beer mustard, energy balls, and hot nuts in our store) via Facebook: Finest Kind Food.

Fine as kind!


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