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My Mate!

Sometimes you have to overstep your boundaries.

We love stouts. We hadn’t made a proper stout yet, so thought it was about time we got around to brewing one.

We called on our good friend and rogue brewer Karen Allen and she came up with a terrific idea for a stout using a “secret” recipe. It was a challenge to get it right. If we messed up it would make either an undrinkable beer or a plain-jane stout that couldn’t punch through a wet paper bag.

Well we did it and the result is My Mate, Secret Recipe Stout.

It’s a beautiful dry Stout that hits all the right notes: big, dark, roasty, malty, with just the right type of bitterness to balance out the big malt character, and then there’s that je-ne-sais-quois character that makes it so mouth-fillingly chewy and big.

All wrapped up in a beer with just 5.5% ABV.


My Mate Secret Recipe Stout is available in 650 ml bottles at Rockhead Wine & Beer Market, Harvest Wines, Cristall Wine Merchants and Bishop’s Cellar.

You can also get it in growlers on Saturdays at the Halifax Seaport Market, and Alderney Farmers Markets.

Of course you can always pick some up at our brewery retail store in beautiful Shelburne.

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