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PHO & BEER – what fun!!!

PHO & BEER – what fun!

Every once and awhile a meal at a restaurant inspires you to go home and try it for yourself; and of course it’s never as good, but a lot of the time (especially when there’s beer involved) it’s a lot of fun trying, and finding the perfect beer to go along with your new dish. After trying many of the newish pho and ramen restaurants popping up around Halifax, I was keen to try my own and was happy how simple, yet how malleable my own recipe could be (I like to go against tradition so added all kinds of crazy things that are not traditional to pho). I like spice and lots of flavour, and as pho has a nice presence of star anise, cilantro, basil, ginger, chili, and garlic I put in lots of all those delicious flavours, and of course a ton of lime. I made one vegetarian (with cauliflower, mushroom, spinach and tomatoes) and one seafood (with lime-grilled shrimp) and I tried a few of our beers with it, but knew all along Hunky Dory Pale Ale with it’s delightful citrus would not only complement the lime citrus of the broth, but would also offer a nice bitter cut to the spice. Because it’s not a generic pale ale, Hunky Dory was perfect for adding a splash to the broth as well. I think there’s lots of decent IPAS out there that could work well with pho as well (here it here first: we have a new IPA coming out that would be PERFECT – look for it on shelves in April!), however I liked the contrast of sweet honey and dry finish Hunky Dory offers to the broth. If you want to find delicious ramen and Hunky Dory together out and about check out Buta Ramen or have a night in, and along with a 6-pack try it yourself! Here’s a super easy recipe you could try!

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