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Hello Summer!

After a seemingly never ending winter and a very short spring Summer’s hit us hard and fast.
Every day seems like it’s a hot humid inferno, and we want nothing more than to kick back on our favourite patio and sip a few pints of some refreshing craft beer.

They seem scarce, though. Those imminently sippable, fresh, cool, and lighter tasting beers are not always available at your favourite craft beer tap.

Enter Sessionista.

The first thing you notice is an intense malt aroma reminiscent of an English Bitter, surrounded by a floral whiff of lemon blossoms and orange. Then some roasty malt notes on the palate followed by a pithy lemon-lime finish. Not too bitter, not too heavy, just right for summer at 3.5% ABV, yet so full of flavour you’d swear that it was more.

Available for a very limited run in 650 ml bottles at Bishop’s Cellar,¬†Premier Wine & Spirits, Harvest Wines, and Cristall Wine Merchants.

It will also be available in one litre growlers every Saturday at the Halifax Seaport Market, and the Shelburne Farmers’ Market, (while supplies last) and in our own brewery store in Shelburne.

Look for it at your favourite craft beer locations. You might also find it at Stillwell Beer Bar, The Stubborn Goat, The Lion & Bright Cafe and others.

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