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Never satisfied…

We love session beers. There’s something awesome about a great low alcohol beer. Trouble is that there are so few of them.

Sure it’s comparatively easy to make a spectacular strong ale, and there are great examples of them all over, including ones we make. But there seem to be a dearth of really great session ales. I mean who wants to drink “light” beer? Well, we do from time to time, but what few there are out there are mostly mediocre.

Enter Sessionista. You may remember Sessionista from last year, a 3.5% bold session ale in the English Bitter tradition.

Not any more.

We’ve improved it, made it better, bolder, hoppier. Sessionista 2015 is what we like to call a “Fractional IPA”. It’s still bold, and malty, but it’s also beautifully aromatic and hoppy. The first thing that hits you is that great nose of floral hops. Think lemon blossom, orange, and tropical fruit. Then flavours of biscuit, roasty caramel and toasted bread on the palate backed up by a tropical fruity hop middle with just the right amount of bitterness and finishing with a piney citrusy blast. And at 4% ABV you’ll ask for another.

Now that’s what we’re talking about…

Sessionista is available for a limited time in 650 ml bottles at select NSLC stores, on tap at select bars in Halifax as well as at the Brewery Retail store in beautiful Shelburne.

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