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Shitty Boxes

Shitty Boxes

One thing I have learned in the past four years running a craft brewery is that sometimes it’s the little things that catch you out. I’m sure it’s true in any small business… it is the one small thing that you could never anticipate that brings you to your knees, and usually at no fault of your own.

For us, this winter, it was cardboard.

Our most loyal customers may remember the incidents that started last fall. Unsuspecting craft beer lovers would reach for a six pack of their favourite Boxing Rock beer and watch in horror as the box handle ripped, and the bottles fell out of the bottom of the box… rolling away or horrifically smashing. The fruits of our labours spilling in parking lots, on garage floors or even on the floor of your local NSLC store.

Well, the whole story is rather boring. It involves a supplier making what they thought was a minor change to their cardboard stock… it includes us putting stickers one by one over the handle of every single six pack box we sold for weeks… assuring our customers that there was nothing wrong with the beer but that they needed to cradle the box like a baby rather than use the handle. And it ended with us waiting an excruciating six weeks for new boxes.

We hope that you have all forgiven and forgotten; but we needed some closure. So we planned a special day. A cathartic day. And we want to share our antics with you to say thank you for sticking with us. And we are really, really sorry about the shitty boxes.

(Warning. Some boxes may have been hurt in the making of this video).


P.S. If you can think of a use for the 50,000 six pack boxes in our warehouse we would be forever grateful. They aren’t useful for holding beer, but they may be useful for many other things…

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