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Stayin’ Alive!

As the winter months slowly relent and the weather changes we bring our minds back around to great beers, in this case great lagers.

Bocks trace their origins to the German town of Einbeck as far back as the 14th century, and were later adopted by Munich brewers who turned it into a great winter and spring lager.

Bock was traditionally brewed by monastic brothers who drank it for its nutritional benefits, especially during times of spring lenten fasting leading up to Easter.

It was so important to the Paulaner Monks from Cloister Neudeck ob der Au that they applied for and received special dispensation from the Pope to be able to consume it during their lenten fasting periods. That’s thinking outside the box, so to speak, and we think that’s pretty cool.

So we brewed a version of our own. “Stayin’ Alive” is packed full of great beer flavours, with a malty base that’s unmistakable. Lots of biscuit, bread, and roast in the base, all backed up by a mild smooth bittering from the old world hops and just a hint of noble hop flavour.

We think it’s great! Give it a try.

Stayin’ Alive is available right now at Bishop’s Cellar, Rockhead Wine & Beer Market, Harvest Wines, Cristall Wine Merchants, and you can get it on tap at several bars in Halifax. Check out our up-to-the-minute tap-list map here.

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