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The Finest kind of community at Boxing Rock!

This summer we wanted to help to create community at our brewery by focusing on our retail space. We spent hours having fun redesigning our indoor space, installing live edge locally harvested apple and pine bar tops, paired with funky orange bar stools. We got sweet new merch (we have 8 different super fun stickers!), and focused on an ever-changing tasting menu of 6 of our delicious beers. We built a fantastic patio with large farm-style tables and benches, cool hammock chairs, and a comfy couch, all covered from the sun by our huge repurposed sail canopy. Along with Wild Axe, we built the ultimate ‘axe throwing in the wood’ targets (every Thursday is axe throwing night!). Our purpose for all of this was to encourage locals and visitors alike to come and create a community at our brewery; a community of lovers of great local food, great craft beer and great company. Over the course of the summer we hosted tons of people for tours; we opened our doors and hosted (with food and drink!) fun groups like: the South West NS Anglican Church clergy (real live Vicars really do love our Vicar’s Cross!), the sailors and crews from the Tall Ships 2017, the music-lovers for Lee Keating’s CD release party, the intrepid volunteer coaches and instructors from the Shelburne Kayak Festival, and many more! We spend a lot of time on the road at great beer events in other communities so we decided to focus on hosting really great events right here at the brewery; like our epic Open Brewery Day, “Treat your Dad” fathers day event, our July 1st BBQ and beer ice cream floats, our 4th Birthday party (yes, we even had spent grain cake!), and now our super fun Finest Fridays! Finest Fridays are all about creating a community here at the brewery and adding to our already great local community events, by providing a place for people to gather; enjoying amazing live music, delicious, local food, and of course, great beer! We launched #finestfridays along with our on-site tiny kitchen (so aptly named Finest Kind Food) on Fridays, right after the work week is over. It’s our finest version of happy hour and August was a lot of fun, so we’re keeping it going in September, and who knows, maybe even into October. During the nice nights we’ve rocked our sweet patio with live music, beer flight specials (only $6!!), and wicked good BBQ. For the fall if the weather isn’t great we’ll take it inside and find a resident DJ to spin some vinyl (our collection so far is pretty eclectic…everything from Bony M to Ryan’s Fancy to Tears for Fears to Grizzly Bear to Buffy St. Marie to Frank Sinatra, but feel free to bring your own) and munch on delicious spent grain pizzas and nachos. Oh, and another great thing…Finest Kind Pale Ale is back just in time for our next round of #finestfridays! So if you want to join some of the finest kind of people enjoy the finest kind of food and beer, stop by on Friday after work and we’ll be sure to have a finest kind of time.

Here’s to the finest kind of community!

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