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The Legendary Keg Club

In June we launched a contest through the Chronicle Herald in which one lucky person or office could win a 6 month subscription to Boxing Rock Brewing Company’s Legendary Keg Club.

The Legendary Keg Club was cooked up by our very own Emily; the premises is simple, pay a subscription fee for 6 months to rent a branded keg fridge and get monthly or bi-weekly keg deliveries to your home or office!

The lucky winner of the contest was Jonathan from Bedford. We couldn’t have asked for a better winner. Jonathan was absolutely ecstatic to have been drawn as the winner. Come to find out he had been introduced to craft beer through trying Boxing Rock product. I personally went with our delivery driver to set up the fridge and tap Jonathan’s first keg (Crafty Jack). We had a short video and photo op, and a nice chat over the first two pints poured (it was really nice of him to share the beer, especially so after a long day of lugging kegs). You can read the write up and see the video here: http://thechronicleherald.ca/food-drink/1461040-video-announcing-the-first-member-of-the-legendary-keg-club

Although that was the “official launch” of the keg club, it kind of fell to the wayside a bit… The summer is an extremely busy time for the craft brewing industry and keeping up with exclusive keg rentals might have been challenging. However, a good idea is a good idea and here we are. The Legendary Keg Club is by no means dead; it’s now ready to fulfill its proper roll to make any office or man/woman cave extra kick ass!

With the new website launch we were able to set up a great subscription page that’s fully automated and allows for profiles to be fully managed by the user! This turned out to be the keystone to the whole plan, and it’s revitalized the Legendary Keg Club for me. Check out the page here (maybe even sign up?): https://boxingrock.ca/keg-club/

Just imagine the experience of coming home on a Friday and pouring yourself a pint, it’s absolutely magical! On top of that, you’ll never have to worry about up keep or lugging a keg down/up the stairs yourself! All you have to do is choose a beer, and enjoy. The price point for the packages is as good as it gets, and it’s arguably just as good or better than installing your own bar. The Keg Club doesn’t just have to be for home use either. Many of our current subscribers are small offices that wanted to treat their staff!

So far this has been a great project; we really feel is shows a more personal side of our business and gives a great opportunity for some interaction from both sides. Please check out the website page for all the details, if you have questions or just want to chat, as always, reach out to me adam@boxingrock.ca





Cheers to good beer,


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