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The Next New Normal – Taproom Reopening Details!

Since the announcements last week we have been very busy – we have been cleaning and rearranging the furniture, painting and marking lines on the floor with tape…getting ready for the next new normal. We have missed you so much and are excited (and a little nervous) to invite you back to our Taproom.  If you haven’t had a chance to stop in, you can take a virtual tour here.

It has been a challenging few months for everyone and it will be great to be able to relax and enjoy a beer together. Of course, things won’t be quite how they used to be, but some things are the same. Our friendly, awesome staff will be there, as well as all your favourite Boxing Rock beers, and maybe a few new ones too.

We wanted to share with you a little bit about what to expect in our next new normal. And also wanted to let you know that this is a constantly evolving and changing situation for us too, so we will change and adapt as we learn what works for us and for you! Here are a few of the important parts that might be different from what you remember:

1. Reservations – We have a great big space and so we’ve decided to use physical distancing as much as we can to make the Taproom safe for everyone. We have redesigned the layout so our staff and customers can distance easily, but this means we don’t have as much capacity as we used to. We are working on an expansion to our outdoor area to help with that, and for now we will be taking reservations for the first seating each day. If you come without a reservation and we don’t have a table for you, we can take your name and number and put you on a list so we can text you when a table is available. If you want to be sure you will get a table, call us at 902-875-2282 and make a reservation.

2.  Hours – This is a new system for us too, and so we will be open reduced hours to start while we work out all the kinks.  For now the bar will open every day at 4 pm, and close at 7 pm.  We have a lot of cleaning and new procedures to learn so while we get used to all that we want to take a little extra time to make sure we get it right.  The good news is the kitchen will also be open every day from 4 pm to 7 pm (mmmmm….Nachos….) and our retail store will be open from 12 – 7 pm every day for Beer to Go. UPDATE: As of June 26 the taproom and retail store will stay open until 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays!

3.  Greeting – To help us comply with new Health and Hygiene requirements, one of our awesome staff will greet you just inside the front door, ask you a few questions and share a bit about our new systems before they seat you.  We hope that it helps make you feel safe, welcome and comfortable, and it helps us make sure you have the best possible experience in the Taproom.

4.  Seating – Everyone will have a table (we don’t have any stools at the bar for now to help us with distancing) and we ask that you stay at your table with your party.  The tables are set up for groups up to 5 people and our tables are small – you won’t be able to safely distance from anyone in your party so please only come to the Taproom with people that you are not required to physical distance with.  While you are at the Taproom please stay at your table except when you are ordering from the bar, or using the washroom or hand sanitizing stations. For now, we need you to eat, drink, and leave with who you came with :).

5.  Food & Drinks – As always, please come up to the bar to order food and drinks.  Menus will be on the chalkboards.  We’ll do a little dance with you at the bar to make sure our servers can keep the required 6 feet from you while we serve you.  There will be designated areas at the bar for ordering drinks and food, picking up food, and paying your tab.  If there are people waiting please respect the 6 ft. physical distancing requirements from others while you wait.  We can’t come to your table to clear your empty glasses, so if you could help us out by bringing them to one of the bussing stations or to the bar that would be awesome.  We are working on some technology to make it possible for you to order your drinks from your table … stay tuned on that!

6.  Cleaning – We have implemented a whole bunch of new cleaning procedures based on guidelines provided by the government and our industry associations.  If you have any questions or concerns about how we clean and disinfect things, or how often, just ask and we’d be happy to share our procedures with you.

7.  Feedback – At Boxing Rock we pride ourselves on always learning and improving.  We try not to fear change, but to embrace it and learn from it.  This situation has resulted in a lot of change, and it’s becoming a change marathon. We are excited and happy to be able to welcome you back to the Taproom and as always we want to hear what you think about the experience.  This next new normal is new for us too, and we are doing the best we can. We would love to hear about your experience of our next new normal and welcome any feedback or questions you might have after we are open again!  Talk to any of our staff, any time, or email us at taproom@boxingrock.ca.

We can’t wait to have a beer with you!  We never dreamed we’d get to open the Taproom twice in one year…that deserves a beer!

Cheers & we hope to see you soon!

Love from everyone at Boxing Rock!

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