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U-889 – 2015

It’s back. And better than ever.

Our tribute to Kapitänleutnant Friedrich Brauecker, the WW-II German Submarine captain that surrendered to a Canadian Navy frigate off the coast of Cape Breton on May 10, 1945, at the end of World War II. U-889 was escorted to Shelburne Harbour, and tied up at the Government Wharf.
It’s said that upon search of the vessel by Canadian military authorities that Canadian money had been found as well as ticket stubs from a local theatre. Clearly these men had been ashore before. Covertly. Sneaky, those German submariners.


Strong. Dark. Bracing. Just as we think the submariners aboard U-889 would have liked it.
This Russian Imperial Stout is brewed with passion. We used over six hundred kilos of malt to brew it. We then boiled it for two hours to bring out the rich flavours demanded of the style and hopped it with just enough smooth bitterness to balance it’s richness. We then added 22 gallons of strong cold-brewed coffee from our friends at Just-Us!, and then we infused it with 20 pounds of plump, premium Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans for over two weeks.

Tasting notes: rich malt, chocolate, caramel, roasted grain, coffee, vanilla. Initial bitterness followed by a long smooth finish. It’s like a dessert in a glass.

Ideal serving temperature: 10°C – 12°C Lightly carbonated. 8.89% ABV 65 IBU

U-889 Coffee and Vanilla Russian Imperial Stout –Now you can have your cake and drink it too.
We think that the 2015 version of U-889 is the best version yet.
Get it 650 ml bottles at our retail store in Beautiful Shelburne, as well as Bishop’s Cellar, Rockhead Wine & Beer Market, Harvest Wines, and Cristall Wine Merchants, as well as selected bars and restaurants. Supplies are extremely limited so get it while it lasts.

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