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U-889 2016 is released

It’s that time of year again, and our tribute to the U-Boat U-889 is back again!

U-889 was an advanced German combat U-boat that surrendered in the Atlantic waters off the coast of Nova Scotia when they learned that World War II was over.

Their orders were to proceed immediately to the German submarine port in Norway, but the Captain Friedrich Breuecker had other plans. He knew he’d rather go to Canada than Norway.

They were escorted by the Royal Canadian Navy to the port of Shelburne where they were berthed at the Government Wharf in Shelburne. They surrendered without incident, without having fired a single torpedo, and were genuinely glad to be on Canadian soil even though it meant that they were headed to Prisoner of War camps before being send back home.

This beer is our tribute to them. Yes it may be a Russian Imperial Stout, but we don’t think that war weary German submariners would have been satisfied with a wimpy Pilsener or Kolsch.

Happy Holidays!

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