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“Hello, I’d like to contract a few hundred pounds of Amarillo hops for 2014-2015”

“Sorry, that’s all sold out – unobtainable. Maybe for the 2016 year.”

“Ok, how about Centennial?”

“Unobtainable in 2015”


“All sold, sorry.”

“Nelson Sauvin hops?”

– hears laughter on the other end of the line.


So we went out on a mission to find some of these “unobtainable” hops. It involved conspiracy, dealings with strangers in dark places, confrontations with hop cartels, trades, some creative borrowing. Some things had to be done that we’re not proud of. It appears that these hops are made of Unobtanium.

Ok, so how’d we do?

Not bad, actually.

Introducing “Unobtainium”, a full bodied intrepid amber ale. Dark mahogany-walnut in colour, with a malty rich backbone supporting some unexpected hop flavours. At 5% ABV it’s a super drinkable, sessionable ale. The hop profile is as unique as it gets. Heavily dry hopped with Centennial, Simcoe, Cascade, New Zealand Orbit, and a very special find: Whole leaf organic Nelson Sauvin hops.

Are we able to get more?


So this batch is a one-shot deal. Get it now while you can, before it too is made of Unobtainium.

You’ll be able to get it on tap at select bars in Halifax.

It will be available in 650 mL bottles at Bishop’s Cellar, Harvest Wines, Cristall Wine Merchants, Premier Wine & Spirits and at the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market.

Of course, you can also get it at the brewery retail store at 78 Ohio Road in beautiful Shelburne.

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