Hunky Dory Pale Ale with Nova Scotia lobster craft beer pairing

Nova Scotia Lobster and Craft Beer

What's better than Nova Scotian lobster and Nova Scotian craft beer?

Likely your favourite lobster and beer experience involves sunshine, maybe a beach or waterfront patio, most likely the ocean, and a crisp, clean, refreshing lager. Which is of course, a quintessential Nova Scotian lobster experience.

While everyone has their own favourite beer to go with delicious Nova Scotia lobster, here’s a few suggestions to try.

Hunky Dory Pale Ale
A personal favourite, because of the amazing amount of citrus (lemon and orange peel right in the beer, not to mention the citrusy hops!) that livens the lobster (you don’t need to waste a lemon when you have the beer to do it for you!), offering a super crisp, yet dry finish. Hunky Dory also contrasts really nicely to the salty butter (highly recommended to also add a little fresh garlic) you'll likely dip your boiled lobster in!

Three Sheets Cream Ale (Returning April 2021)
This creamy, soft, bready ale is refreshing and offers a slightly sweet complement bringing out the delicious sweetness of our rich lobsters. It’s smooth, mild and light, so it doesn’t overpower the lobster, and is perfect with lobster poutine!

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