You’ll be inspired to cook again – BEER makes food yummier and the chef cheerier!

You’ll be inspired to cook again – BEER makes food yummier and the chef cheerier!

Its May, and we’re in lockdown AGAIN.

I don’t know about you, but this time around my patience with all of this is wearing pretty thin. Last year, I worked REALLY hard to find the joy in lockdown. One of my favourite parts was my weekly Facebook Live cooking show. For those of you that missed it (it can’t be many, we regularly had 8 or 10 people watch it!), each week I would develop a recipe that included beer, and invite one of my beer-y friends to cook it with me live on Facebook while we chatted, and drank beer. It felt entertaining, and full of purpose. And, I even got a short spot on Breakfast Television for it.

Me. In my kitchen in 2020 getting ready to go live on Facebook. Don’t I look happy?

15 months into the pandemic I am less enthusiastic about spending my Saturdays on Zoom (anyone relate? Trivia is my ONE exception!!). However, I am ALWAYS enthusiastic about cooking with beer.

So (insert drumroll) I bring you COOKING WITH BEER fun packs for home delivery!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Big Cove Foods (who we met on Zoom, in “how to adapt your small business to cope with a pandemic” training haha! I wish I was joking…) to bring you three unique recipes that we’ll deliver right to your door (via Super Cooper or Canada Post, depending on where you live).

Packs include beer, recipe and a Big Cove Foods spice blend and come in two sizes – amateur (2 beer, spice pouch and recipe) or professional (4 beer, big jar of spice blend, recipe and limited edition Boxing Rock apron!).

Shop now to improve your mood, and your menu!

Enjoy!! And we’d love to see your creations on social media. Tag us and we’ll share your cooking adventures!


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