Life is all about the choices we make. The story of Boxing Rock is also about a choice – to sort out our differences or simply shake hands and share a beer.

In 2012 we made a choice to put our beer in glass bottles, and that choice is firmly rooted in our values of quality and sustainability. And it’s about time we explained why.

We believe that putting our beer in bottles ensures that our beer is at it’s very best when it arrives at your lips.  Glass is inert and pure – made from natural, readily available resources. Brown glass protects your beer from the environment in the same way that opaque aluminum does, but doesn’t interact with the beer itself – there are no plastic, BPA-containing liners inside glass bottles.

The bottle filling process we use, where bottles are filled under CO2¬ counter pressure, has minimal risk of oxygen ingress and therefore minimizes the potential for oxidation (you know, that wet cardboard flavour) in your beer. And, the best part, for our unfiltered, unpasteurized beer where a little bit of sediment is a good thing, you can see that sediment, and avoid getting it in your glass. Or worse, on your teeth.

At Boxing Rock sustainability is a core value, so we also looked at lifecycle environmental costs, and we did the math.  If you want to see our math, please visit Henry’s blog post on the topic. The short and sweet version is that the raw materials for glass are obtained in a much more sustainable fashion than the strip mining of bauxite which is used to make aluminum.

Not only is glass made from pure, naturally occurring abundant materials and infinitely recyclable, we also have this awesome thing in Canada called the Industry Standard Beer Bottle. These bottles are common and shared in provincial re-washing pools and can be washed and re-used up to 30 times. In Nova Scotia the aluminum collected for recycling is shipped to the US for re-smelting. But the industry standard beer bottles collected here are diverted and sent to either the Oland’s brewery in North End Halifax or Atlantic Bottle Wash in Dartmouth for washing and re-use.

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Refillable bottles are durable, practical and reusable and that’s important to us.  And even though cans are super trendy, we’re sticking with bottles for the reasons above. Over the years we have met many people who express their gratitude to us that our beer is in bottles. We always ask why…and our customers continue to delight us with the variety of reasons. We’ve heard everything from a love of the hiss of a twist-off cap, or “my Dad won’t drink out of a can so neither will I”, to “it just tastes better”.

If you believe beer belongs in bottles too, tell us why!  Post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and tag us…and don’t forget to use the hashtag #beerbelongsinbottles.

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