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Introducing: Intergalactic APA

This beer is the result of a brainstorm. It's the answer to whether fruit can complement a fruity hop blend: The answer is a strong affirmative! We came up with a unique new-world hop combination and complimented it with a dash of apricot. The result is surprising, refreshing and fully integrated.


Reintroducing: Inverse White Stout

Colour is not a flavour! Stout means strong, not dark, not black, just strong. This beer is fun, innovative and full of traditional stout characteristics like dark chocolate, dry coffee, and a refreshing spicy finish with an unexpected golden hue. A flip on the traditional in terms of colour, yet with the addition of vanilla beans and cold brew espresso the flavours are true to a traditional imperial stout.

Reintroducing: Crafty Jack English Brown Ale

Rich, dark and malty, yet remarkably light on the palate, this unmistakable beer is a tribute to the classic ales of old England. Some say it tastes of London, we say it tastes delicious.

Introducing: Fusion Cold IPA

Fusion Cold IPA is a brand-new beer that is made using a brand-new way to brew.

We kept the malt bill clean and simple. It’s fermented with ultra-clean, crisp yeast and hopped just right with new-world varietals that will invoke tropical fruits like lychee, mango, tangerine, and stone fruits. And you sip that awesome flavour and then…it’s gone. A perfectly clean dry finish leaves you wanting another sip. And another…A delicious crushable beer.

Introducing: Black & Tan | Stout & Pale

This is a stealthy combination of our super smooth Irish Stout blended with a blonde wheat ale and infused with a little apricot. The result? A Black & Tan that is unexpectedly easy drinking, dry and delicious.



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