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Coming Soon | Hello Darkness Black Lager

Schwarzbier, or black beer, is a dark or black lager that originated in Germany. Schwarzbiers are made using a cool fermentation method, which classes them
as lager. Hello Darkness is a collaboration with Truro Brewing Company and has all the classic Schwarzbier notes with a beautifully balanced nose of dark malts,
chocolate and spice, a soft bitterness and smooth delivery. This is a true lager and exhibits the clean, crisp characteristics demanded by the style

Reintroducing | Patricius Irish Stout

In tribute to Saint Patrick we brewed Patricius Irish Stout, named for how ol' Paddy would have introduced himself to others at the pub way back when. Think nuts, oats and coffee all rolled up into a creamy, dry stout. This is one for seconds and at 5% ABV is very well-balanced, session-able and refreshing.

Reintroducing | Traditional Bock Amber Lager

Packed full of great beer flavours, with a malty base that's unmistakable. Lots of biscuit, bread, and roast in the base, all backed up by a mild smooth bittering from the old world hops and just a hint of noble hop flavour.

Reintroducing | Back To Birchtown Old Stock Ale

This Old Stock Ale is a collaboration with the Change is Brewing Collective, in support of the Black Loyalist Heritage Society from Birchtown, Nova Scotia. A modern take on this historic style, Back to Birchtown is a winter warmer that would have been casked in the days of the Black Loyalists. It is smooth and drinkable now, but has been brewed to improve over time and will mellow and round out over the years, just like the best of us.

Reintroducing | Crafty Jack English Brown Ale

Rich, dark and malty, yet remarkably light on the palate, this unmistakable beer is a tribute to the classic ales of old England. Some say it tastes of London, we say it tastes delicious.





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