From the beginning

We are two chemical engineers who fell in love with Shelburne, Nova Scotia – the place, the people and the lifestyle.  We quickly discovered that our career options here were limited.  So…in 2012 we founded a craft brewery and made our own jobs, and a few others too. 

We create craft beer experiences – we like to think we meet each of our customers where they are at on their craft beer journey.  We do this by focusing on quality and consistency (like the well-trained engineers we are) and by crafting our products with purpose and intention. 

A Beer for Everyone

We brew a wide variety of styles and we believe we have a beer for everyone, even those of you who think you don’t like beer.  We design beers to challenge your assumptions, and to honour traditional styles.  We love what we do and where we live, and we love helping people like you find a local beer that you will love.

We were not always beer geeks – we have been on our own journey with craft beer.  We started brewing in lobster pots in the backyard and fermenting in carboys in the living room (which occasionally meant yeast clumps on the ceiling)…and when we started drinking beer at least one of us mixed it with Clamato juice.

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