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Charcuterie Board

An assortment of local meats and cheeses, maple spiced nuts, house-made chutneys, grapes, apples, dried fruit, crostini | $21

Pair it with a Temptation Red!
We like to think this American Red Ale has a little bit of everything for the palette, making it the perfect companion for exploring the complexity of this platter.

Dip Trio

House spinach, hummus, and garlic feta dips served with corn-based tortilla chips, pita bread, and carrots | $12

This is your opportunity to pair a legendary flight of beer!
The sweet and earthy flavours of Perfect Pint Best Bitter are a great match with the spinach dip. Back to Birchtown Old Stock Ale matches the bolder tones of hummus, and Hunky Dory Pale Ale has the lemon and bitterness to match the garlic feta. Let’s be real though… Hunky Dory is legendary with all three!


Soup’s on! Ask your server for details. Served w/ spent grain beer bread | $9

Our soup rotates. Coincidentally, so do our beer taps!
We’re more than happy to help you through choosing the perfect beer pairing for your soup on the fly.


Corn-based tortilla chips loaded with cheddar, monterey jack, caramelized bacon, pickled jalapeño peppers, tomato, bell peppers, green onions | $15

Pair it with a Puck Off Lagered Ale!
Picture this: You’re at home with all your favourite people, watching the big game, cheering on your favourite team. This is exactly the lager-styled thirst quencher you need to go with your nachos, wings, and all your other favourite finger foods.

Chips Supreme

Corn-based tortilla chips, salsa, and a cheddar cheese dip with Big Cove Foods’ Mary Had A Lot Of Lamb spice mix and Puck Off Lagered Ale | $10

Chips & Salsa


Flatbread Pizza

Homemade flatbread with bacon, tomato, bell peppers, green onion | $10

Pair it with a Perfect Pint Best Bitter!
A hot pie needs a soft beer. Smooth caramel and biscuit flavours with subtle herbal notes. Comfort beer for comfort food!

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, house-made dressing, bacon, croutons, and parmesan. Served w/ spent grain beer bread | $10

Pair it with an Indigo Blueberry Sour!
The acidity of a sour ale will do the job of a lemon but you can enjoy a full pint a lot longer than a wedge.


Grilled Cheese Sandwich

2-year aged cheddar, sautéed mushrooms and sage with bacon on sourdough bread. | $14

Pair it with a Three Sheets Cream Ale!
Sweet malt flavors along with a creamy mouthfeel will bring out the best in your cheesy sandwich and a subtle lingering bitterness will cut through the finish.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled pork slow-cooked in The Vicar’s Cross DIPA, house coleslaw, and house BBQ sauce on a kaiser bun | $14

Pair it with The Vicar’s Cross DIPA!
Fans of The Vicar’s Cross are die-hards with excellent taste. So why mess with a great thing? Bring out the flavours of the beer in your pulled-pork with the beer in your glass.

Chicken Gyro

Greek marinated chicken, lettuce, tomato, red onion, feta, and house tzatziki sauce served on a warm pita with kalamata olives | $14

Pair it with IPA!
This beer has the strength you need to stand up to such a flavorful dish. Thirst quenching citrus and the right amount of hop bitterness to tame the briney flavors of tzatziki and feta. It’s a world of flavour!

Veggie Panini

Arugula, roasted red pepper, sliced kalamata olives, pesto, and goat cheese on baguette  | $12

Pair it with a Hunky Dory Pale Ale!
Let's keep the healthy vibes rolling with a healthy beer. Hunky Dory is brewed with green tea so not only are you getting your greens, you’re getting your antioxidants for the day as well!

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