It is real!

Before you ask... YES, Boxing Rock is a real place! And we've been there.  More than once. It’s a rock off Hartz Point in Shelburne Harbour that’s only exposed at low tide.

The legend

Sea captains in the good old days who sailed into Shelburne Harbour had a special use for this rock. If they had crew members that couldn’t get along, they might set them out on Boxing Rock. The captain’s instructions as he sailed away: “Shake hands and share a beer, or box until one of you drops. We’ll be back before high tide to pick up one or both of you.”

Often, the two would duke it out and the winner would return alone to the ship. But sometimes a pair would appreciate the dry land beneath their feet. Enjoying the break from their labours they would agree to share the jug of beer. They would sit, laugh and drink together, breathing the fresh air and watching waves lap at their feet.

And yes, our beer is legendary

We have a big pile of trophies to prove it!

There are only a few short hours before high tide. We say drink up!

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