Boxing Rock Sponsorship and Participation Policy

We get tons of sponsorship requests every month. We like to think of ourselves as community engaged, and we support numerous causes and organizations in our community. We understand that your organization or group may require sponsorship, support or participation, however we ask that you read these criteria before submitting your request.

1. Any request for participation or sponsorship that is within 30 days of your event will be automatically declined without response. Sorry, but we’re busy doing what we’re good at – making great beer – and we won’t drop everything on a last minute request.

2. Anything in support of youth or health related causes will be declined. Those are great causes of course, but we are still an alcoholic beverage provider and sometimes optics are everything.

3. We will not support or sponsor individual athletes, musicians or bands.

4. If we are going to participate in, or sponsor your event, then we want to be one of, or the primary sponsor or supporter. You’re welcome to communicate your ideas, but remember, the goal is to further both your event and our business cause. Please don’t bunch us in with 10 other wineries, restaurants, cafes, and sporting goods sales people, and then stick us in the corridor as a passing thought. Obvious exceptions are beer and cider festivals (and we’re picky about which ones we attend), culinary and cultural events, so we take these on a case by case basis.

5. We will only entertain requests for Nova Scotian organizations, except for beer festivals.

6. We will not (and legally cannot) provide free beer donations to your party, conference, event, or gathering. Please don’t come to us with a super cool one of a kind business “opportunity” or “sampling opportunity” or request that we serve free samples at your business conference or symposium. It’s not that easy to give away beer under current Nova Scotia regulations. So no, we won’t come and offer up free samples at your event, conference, symposium, or place of business.

7. What types of events and groups to we like to support? We have soft spots for local arts & culture, agricultural and environmental causes, amateur sailing, especially adult one-design and dinghy sailing, fun culinary events, and maybe, just maybe your idea is so neat that we can’t resist.

*There may be exceptions to any of these rules.